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About mini-Pub
mini-Pub is a WebPublisher that does not access any kind of database, everything is stored into XML files, making it perfect for websites hosted where database connections are not avaiable, and also for fast WebPublishing solitinos.

Its small size make it fits into almost every needs to a small site. The lack of powerful functionalities make it simple to learn and operate (I bet that even mom can use it).

The static generation is also very useful for those websites hosted where not dynamic generation is avaiable. The webmaster can generate all pages in his own machine and then upload the site files to the host. Of course it can also be used to avoid excess of CPU load when dealing with a high traffic website.

RSS compability (not implemented yet) brings mini-pubto the Data Exchange world, making it compatible to many RSS readers avaiable.

About mini-pub.php
mini-pub.php is the PHP version for mini-pub, it's the first version avaiable, but I'm sure that it will be ported to many other plataforms soon.

Although there's no front-end avaiable future releases will support it, avoiding xml editing, and possible syntax errors.