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mini-pub.php v0.3 released
Mar/07/2002 - Now avaiable to download mini-pub.php v0.3. You can download it here, feel free to download, use as your will, and modify acording to GNU GPL.

New features includes:

  • New file organization (.pub - .data - .layout), completely separating data from layout (an old users' request)
  • No XML editing, everything is done by a front end distributed attached to a single tarball.
  • New data-template association functions at class miniPub.
  • Faster parsing code

Changing Plans
Nov/05/2002 - After monthes of no updates, due to my new job at Conectiva ;o) that is requiring too much from my spare time, I have matured an idea. v0.2 will skip and v0.3 will be very different from v0.1 and v0.2.

Starting at v0.3 .data files won't be edited directly by user and mini-door will be add to the main distribution of mini-pub.

Other plans such as those planed to v0.2 will keep existing, but others will change and in a near future I'll support mini-pub.perl myself ;o)

I know that we don't have many fans yet, but I hope that once these changes are implemented it will change.

mini-pub.php v0.2 pre2 released
Jun/22/2002 - Ok, I know I should have updated CVS and released v0.2 pre1, but I didn't. I'm a bad administrator, and I promisse I'll try harder from now. ;o)

Besides my lack of experience mini-pub v0.2 is in the oven. New changes are coming, including the wanted data-template separation. Now we will have different files for data and template (.data and .pub files). This will make things easier for those who want to display the same data in different pages.

Another good change is the date and the id attributes for the entry element. These attributes will make things easier by two way: 1. we will be able to order by date, and b. we will be able to retrieve a single entry or a range of entries.

I'm also planing to add the option to use .rss files too, instead of just .data files. The project is organized in a way that we will be able to add support to future data format that we want, I'm even planing a version called midi-pub, retrieving data from a database instead of a XML file.

I won't tell everything, you'll have to wait until the final release ;*) Meanwhile I'll be glad to receive more suggestions: mazza at

mini-door.php v0.1 + mini-pub.php v0.1.2 released
May/23/2002 - mini-door.php is a frontEnd for mini-pub.php. It implements page management and PubFile editing. Still in first version so still needing layout adjustments. So, send me critics.

Don't forget the Mozilla/Gecko XML parsing error! Avoid using pub.php with this engine. I'm monitoring bugzilla and will notice here if anything happens.

mini-pub.php v0.1.2 is also out, but don't bother downloading it again, no bigger changes again, even smaller then from v0.1 to v0.1.1. File naming conventions have changed, and some file header/identification has been added. I still recommends you to way v0.2 (to be released in a near future).

mini-pub next step is probably being ported for other languages. I'm in doubt about using Java/JSP or Delphi/Kylix, please send suggenstions to me [mazza at].

There are two new links here by your side, one for mini-pub.php v0.1.2 and another to mini-door.php v0.1. Feel free to download and tell me what you think about it.

mini-pub.php v0.1.1 released
May/22/2002 - Small changes marks this release, most of them are small corrections to prepare mini-pub.php to work in conjunction with mini-door.php (incoming probably tomorrow). So, if you have enough patience download it, otherwise download next release.

Mozilla/Gecko Parsing Bug Compromises XML Editing
May/20/2002 - I'm finding a problem building mini-door (a mini-pub front-end) using Mozilla/gecko. The reason is a bug when editing XML code using HTML forms.

The bug shall be somewhere in the HTML parser, because I have noticed that all HTML elements are turned into lowercase, but when parsed inside a textare element the opening tag is uppercase and the closing ta is lowercase. It has already been submited to bugzilla, you can verify it here

The problem here is that we use XHTML instead of HTML inside PUB files, and an error like this returns a basic XML error: closing tag mismatch

For those who likes the idea of a web based front-end to edit mini-pub files remember that Mozilla is incompatible with any kind. I'm testing the mini-door project with Konqueror and Netscape (both doesn't seems to have Mozilla's XML problem)

About mini-door, the PHP version mini-door.php v0.1 will probably be avaiable next week. Oh, just teasing you, I think that with mini-pub.php + mini-door.php it will be possible to use tag replacing recursion (if not then it will be added in mini-pub.php v0.2)

CVS tree avaiable
May/10/2002 - Now that the project is ready to receive contributions I have submited the CVS tree of the mini-pub.php module. Now you can download it from the tarball avaiable in the download section or directly from the CVS tree. I won't make daily CVS snapshots, only when significant changes occurs, but I'll always submit the snapshot through this page.

Please, any patches/contributions must be sent to me. Suggestions are also very welcome. If you want a new module, like VB or Delphi, or python versions of mini-pub make me know, I'll be very proud to see it ported to as many platafors as possible.

Feel free to contact me [mazza at].

Help Wanted
May/07/2002 - The project is ready and GPLed, so now it's time to call the comunity to participate, come code with us, come test with us, come and do whatever you want, any help will be very apreciated.

I always say that I'll never be good enough to know exactly what the user want, so come to us and say what you think should be done, suggestion will always be welcome.

So, feel free to do whatever you want, the project is yours.

mini-pub.php v0.1 avaiable
May/07/2002 - Now avaiable for download mini-pub.php v0.1, a lightweight webPublisher with no database connection. With mini-pub.php all you need is a php enabled http server, everything else is done using xml

This version doesn't have any kind of front-end for xml editing, so for now users still have to edit xml by theirselves. But v0.2 will include at least a front end to edit the .xml, probably a generator manager, and RSS export too. See wannabe session at README file.

Feel free to download mini-pub from here.

Please, notify me [mazza at] if you are using mini-pub, I'd like to keep a list of sites using mini-pub. Thanks.

New mini-pub website
May/06/2002 - Although almost every project borns in its website, mini-pub born with its website. Due to the nature of the tool mini-pub website is powered by mini-pub ;o) So the mini-pub website born during its development, I mean, the website is a beta-tester.

Despite the weird opening, here is the website. The logo is still a little bit weird, and maybe the colors aren't alright, but it is a good start.

I'd also like to thanks my brother Fabricio [famazzarino at] for the help with the webdesign, I hope you like it.